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Stern:Die Besten hauen ab (translation: The best are leaving)
Amerika kauft die Spitzenforscher der Welt – auch in Deutschland. Fast 80 000 sind dem Ruf bereits gefolgt. Ein gefährlicher Aderlass für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. (Translation: America is buying up the best researchers in the world – also from Germany. Almost 80,000 scientists have already followed the call. A dangerous bloodletting for science and business.)

EE Times:IBM measures single-atom memory, molecular switch
Even the highest density hard-disk drives use approximately 1 million magnetic atoms to store a single bit of information. IBM’s Almaden Research Center (San Jose, Calif.) has measured the ability to store a bit on a single atom, portending hard drives with ultra-high storage capacity.

Nanowerk: Scientists develop new way to explore and control nanoscale magnetism
IBM scientists have developed a powerful new technique for exploring and controlling magnetism at its fundamental atomic level.

The Register: IBM builds world’s smallest circuit
Boffins at IBM have prototyped what is believed to be the world’s smallest working computer circuits, using an innovative approach in which individual molecules move across an atomic surface like toppling dominoes.

Tech Republic: Aiming for Breakthroughs at IBM’s Almaden
“This (the STM) lets you see anything,” he said. “I remember being taught in high school that you wouldn’t be able to see atoms.” Heinrich and his team are studying the magnetic fields of individual atoms. If these fields can be controlled, they could be exploited to store data.


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